Subject: Police Identify Girl’s Body Found In Duffel Bag As...

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Police Identify Girl’s Body Found In Duffel Bag As A 9-Year-Old
TRENDING STORY: Police in California have identified the little girl whose body was found inside a duffel bag near an equestrian trail last week. “She was 9-year-old Trinity Love Jones”, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Depart.... READ FULL ARTICLE
Health: Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Schools In Italy
Government has advised parents in Italy not to send their children to school, without them having received 10 compulsory vaccinations. This is according to new legislation where parents are now at risk of being fined up to €500 ($564) if they do send their child to... READ FULL ARTICLE

POPULAR: Best Air-Filtering Plants, According to NASA

If you live in Los Angeles, you will definitely want to continue reading, in fact if you reside in California many cities have been ranked highest on the ALA’s air pollution worst offending list. Since there is... READ FULL ARTICLE
Warning : How Wireless Radiation Affects Your Kids
Our children are growing up in times where wireless technologies are part and parcel of their everyday life – cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the “toys” of this day and age, which some kids (and adults) can’t live without. Technology has... READ FULL ARTICLE
Food Safety: Negative Effects of Refined Sugar in Children
It’s not news though that sugar is bad for kids. What is eye-opening is just how unhealthy it is – and how much of it children actually eat and drink, despite the health warnings. This is how sugar impacts your child’s health... READ FULL ARTICLE

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